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Its rewarding to partner and help businesses be efficient and effective in achieving their goals through the smart use of technology.  Digital media, content, electronic marketing, and selling innovations are helping businesses today to communicate winning messages to prospects, fans, and customers.  My mission - manage digital projects and systems development for clients to achieve quantified goals and generate true ROI. 

I observe two ways work is done inside a business;  through systems and projects.  An activity that is on-going, or something that is done more than once, should be developed and done systematically.  If a temporary, goal-directed activity has a start and an end point, and is unique, it should be managed as a project.  The successful small business person - the entrepreneur, develops, deploys, and improves the systems inside the business, while also being involved in a limited number of projects.  I will lend a hand or take the lead with products and services that make sense for your projects and your systems.

In my business relationships,  my goal is to have my contacts trusting me, remembering me, and referring me.  No fancy name (mine) - my commitment is to build our relationship and achieve our defined goals through real VALUE ADD.


" I have worked with Kent on numerous occasions, and all have been an excellent experience. Kent is dependable, knowledgeable, and  

  energetic. Kent never leaves you hanging, or waiting for an answer, he is prompt, and takes very good care of his clients, friends, and 

  customers. I would recommend Kent to anyone looking for an honest and fair business experience."   

  Leslie Gore- Broker Associate at Keller Williams

 "Kent Shields is one of the most astute individuals that I have ever had the pleasure of working with in the computer business."

  Don Ricks- Business Development Manager at Cold Creek Solutions

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