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Today's Connected Home

The improvements in technology are fueling a revolution in home electronics. Very Exciting! Homes are becoming more like your automobile in terms of features:

  1. Next generation Wi-Fi & Internet equipment

  2. Home Control Hubs

  3. Video Security

  4. Streaming Devices

  5. Digital Music

  6. Keyless Entry to the Home

  7. Lighting Control

  8. TV sound

  9. Universal Remotes

  10. Smart Devices (front door, sprinklers, etc.)

In today’s homes, the network becomes the backbone for communications, security, control, and entertainment. Ethernet and coaxial cabling, distributed to wallboxes, enables a robust home network. By adding wireless capabilities, communications are further improved.

A revolution is occurring in home entertainment and control. Streaming devices such as the Amazon Fire TV, Sonos, Roku, Pandora, and the Apple TV are examples of what most homes have, or will have and use. They all require bandwidth and speed. We are only at the beginning of this revolution – which means the home owner will demand high-speed connectivity for the desired viewing and listening experiences in their home. This desire cuts across age categories and provides business opportunities for integration.

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